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Hi peeps,

Let me introduce you to my friend Turdle the Turtle. He's a bit of a Billy-No-Mates, but look at him. Still got a smile..... but do you know why he's smiling? Well, his favourite game is Wordle and the gang at Megastyle have decided to do their 'shit take' on Wordle and create a game just for Turdle the Turtle to cheer him up.
He has one good friend, Roysterini. Nobody else can put up with Turdle cos he stinks.

Why don't you, yes you, a trusty C64 fan, show your love for Turdle by playing the game in his name?

Just like Wordle, the game we all love and adore....the game we love to see cascading through our Twitter timelines.... Turdle is a word game where you get 6 chances to guess the random word.

This is a bit different though.

Is it?

Yes it is.

In Turdle, all words are related to, well..... shit in one way or another, either literally or loosely. Euphemisms, slang, related words and all that malarky.
Unlike Wordle though, Turdle is a highscore chaser. You don't just get one shit shot a day, you can keep going and try to beat your best score.

About Turdle:

Turdle initially started as a silly idea for the RESET 4Kb Craptastic Compo for C64, but I decided to embellish on it a little and release it now, while there's still steam rising off it.

So, some extra flourishes were added and lovely music/sfx make by our talented Magnar.  We hope you enjoy this stinky game. :P

What are the coloured letters all about? Well, for those unfamiliar with Wordle, I'm glad you asked.

Enter 5 letters and a GREEN letter means it is a correct letter in the correct place.
A BLUE letter is a correct letter, but in the wrong place.
A GREY letter is a letter that is not used in the guess word.

Get ALL GREEN to complete a word successfully!


This is my current best. (1490)


Code/Gfx   - Roysterini
Music/SFX  - Magnar
Splash Screen and Linking by Docster
Instructions viewer by Scroll
Petscii instructions by Rotteroy and Roysterini

A big thanks to Roger Bacon (@RogB_UK) for the extra inspired words of turdacity.

A huge shout out to a good friend, Graham Axten(@zxmutant64) for being a good egg and always great support.

Can you find the hidden Easter Eggs in the game? Turdle might have a thing or two to say to some.

(C) Megastyle 2022

Disclaimer: Any similarity between Turdle and Wordle (and Lingo for that matter) is purely intentional.

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msi_turdle.prg 48 kB
msi_turdle_exo.prg 8 kB
Turdle_v1.1_with_Docs.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

You will need a Commodore C64 emulator to run these game files. Eg. WinVICE.

It will also run on C64 hardware (obviously) if you have the means to transfer to a disk or use with something like 1541-Ultimate 2, or SD2IEC.

Included here is a C64 Disk Image, a PRG file of the game and a PRG file of info/instructions.


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very good

Thanks Marco.

For those that never played Wordle, what do the blue/yellow colours represent?

Green is correct letter in correct place. Blue is correct letter, but wrong place.

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Really cute turtle!