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You are Spaceman Splorf, who is trying to retrieve a lost spanner that hurtles through space. 

You simply have to avoid being hit by the asteroids, sinking in the acid or being
zapped by the disintegration fence above.

This is a simple casual high-score chase game then gets progressively harder the longer you play it. 

The original game was created by Andreas Gustafsson & Vanja Utne of Pond Software on the old 8-bit Commodore C64 computer and released in Feb, 2016. ( C64 Spaceman Splorf can be downloaded here.)

I decided to have a go at doing a PICO-8 version. I think it turned out okay. 
Much credit needs to go to Paul Nicholas (@Liquidream) for 
helping me out with some coding problems/bugs I encountered.

Also,  Morgan McGuire ( @CasualEffects ) furnished me with somewhat  awesome particle code to play with, which worked a treat.

Extra thanks to these peeps who also (sometimes unwittingly) helped.
Justin Ray (@designinvan)
Urban Monk
Dylan Bennet (@mboffin)


X  - Start game / Thrust jetpac to avoid (g)asteroids :P
C - Info/story scroller activated from title screen.

Also,  you can see a gameplay by Nicole Marie T here:

Spaceman Splorf : Pico8 gameplay.

Nicole ( @musicvsartstuff ) is also a music composer and is available to do work for your games. Goto http://gudstuff.wixsite.com/musicvsart to see more info. She is very reasonably priced and a delight to interact with.

You can play in your browser here ( https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=31332 ) or dowload below.

Release date Jan 19, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Average sessionA few minutes


splorf.bin.zip 2 MB

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Click Download to access a zip file with a build for Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Nice one Roy, and thanks for the greet :-)

But of course! Thanks for your support matey. It means a lot!

Gotta say I love Pico8!!  Perfect format for casual games like this too!

Oh god my head came off! Very cool and so slick!


hehe thanks for playing :)