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UPDATE!  Easter Egg version that was found in the Steam version of Galencia now available here too.

I wrote this C64 game in 2014.  Can be played in your favourite Commodore 64 emulator. This is the PAL version (if playing on hardware).

This is the uncracked, untrained version.

Free to download. Quite niche for C64 lovers who like casual games.

UPDATE: There is now also an updated version of Paper Plane as an Easter Egg game inside Jason Aldred's Steam version of the C64 game, Galencia.
Find more info  here:

Actual Steam link to Galencia here:  (previously the only way to play the Steam version)
Galencia on Steam

However, that version is also now available.

One slight problem with the Galencia Easter Egg version if you download here is that the highscore will not work correctly. It was coded to work with saving onto the Galencia virtual cart.
I no longer have the source files for this, so I've left it as is as it's a bit of a faff to fix without the source code.

This  Galencia Easter Egg version does have enhanced presentation with different colour themes.


pplane.prg 12 kB
pplaneg.prg - Galencia Easter Egg version. 13 kB

Install instructions

You will need a Commodore C64 emulator to run this game.
Eg. WinVICE.

will also run on C64 hardware (obviously) if you have the means to
transfer to a disk or use with something like 1541-Ultimate 2, or


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Absolutely brilliant! My favourite 'Roysterini' game!

cheers Kev 😍