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UPDATE: New version uploaded. I wasn't happy with the sound on some C64 versions cos of the filter settings. Should be better now. Slightly cleaner splash screen too.

What's BrumBrum?

It's a hyper-casual game for the old C64 computer written in very bad assembly code.
I made this game as an entry to the RESET64 4Kb Craptastic Compo 2022.

Okay, so is it a racing game?

Ha! Nope. It's much simpler than that.
The aim of the game is to drive as long as you can, trying to avoid running out of fuel and avoiding hazards.
Controls are simple. Just press FIRE on joystick in Port 2 to change the direction the car rotates/drives. This is how you navigate around the screen to try to collect gas cannisters to replenish your fuel.

Bonus points are awarded every time you collect a gas cannister.

You can speed up and slow down the car by pushing UP or DOWN on the joystick.

Why would we wanna do that, Roysterini?

Well, I'm glad you asked.
Speeding up might make things trickier, but it also will increase your score pickup multiplier. You can have a max of THREE times multiplier for your gas cannister collection score. However, if you wuss out and go too slow, your multiplier will drop to 0.5.

That's it. Just try to beat your best scores. Anything over 800 is VERY respectable.

Download and play in you fave C64 Emulator or load on hardware if you have the facility to do so.

Game was designed primarily for PAL C64, but it should run okay on NTSC. It might sound a bit odd on NTSC, but the game will play the same.
I find the sound works best on C64C versions of SID chip.

UPDATE: My current high score is 1117.

Fun Fact: I didn't even use any IRQs in this game. Just rough ass CMP raster checks and loops.


BrumBrum1.01.prg 3 kB
BrumBrumUncompressed.prg 15 kB


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Had great fun playing Brum Brum today. Highly addictive game and it's so much harder than it looks :-)

Cool game!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

Great game Roysterini!

Thanks matey

(1 edit)

Great Single Button Game that just makes you want to have one more try. And the circling car Sprite looks so cool! Excellent!

Edit: only read now that you can accelerate and break with up/down. Let's see if I can beat my current score of 510 with this. :)

You figured out how to get higher scores! More risk, more reward!

Thanks for playing!

Nice game!

Thanks Saberman! I'm glad you liked.

This is splendid fun and I really like the excellent music. Such a good entry to the competition.