A downloadable game

Okay, after about 21 years of not doing any 6502/C64 coding, I came back in 2013 to have a dabble. Eventually, I made this homage to Flappy Bird in 2014. This was coded using Endurion's C64 Studio IDE.

Designed for PAL C64 only. Sorry. NTSC users will need to run on an emulator in PAL mode.

It's a bit rough around the edges, with some glitchy sprites on the pipes, but it's playable enough and is a tricky highscore chaser.

I never bothered to put on a front end. It's straight in with the game with this one.

There are "cracked" versions available with a highscore saver added that will save your best to disk.


happyflappy.prg 35 kB

Install instructions

As with my other C64 offerings, download and play with C64 emulator like Vice 64 or Frodo etc.